Athens, TX Mysteries

The link above is actually a wordpress blog that has opened the history of Athens, TX to the public to verify truths.

My best-friend’s brother attended Trinity Valley Community College located in Athens, TX. Him and his friends did go to Fuller Park and described lots of the same hearings mentioned in this blog. They also located the entrance to the underground tunnels but decided not to go into them because he had had enough scare in one night. I had the opportunity to go check out during the day and to me it was rather creepy in the afternoon. There is also a monkey bridge located in Athens where a circus train crashed and all of the monkeys died, but the skeletons were never found.

On the contrary, if you read some of the responses, many people claim to have lived in Athens over 60 years, and do not believe any of it. This is when morals and beliefs of the society come into play. Many people just do not believe in the supernatural, so they refuse to believe any of these stories. Others who enjoy these kind of stories strongly believe in them. I am sure some of the actual history has been twisted, therefore causing more turmoil about whether or not these stories are true. This is when society has to make the decision as an individual to believe it or not.

I believe them…. Do you?




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